Women Dresses, Overcoats & Shirts

Women-Dresses, Overcoats & Shirts

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Beside doing suits for men, we are do more than that. At Ash Tailor Samui (Opposite from Bandara Resort & Spa, at Bophut), You get easy and nice dresses for women, overcoats – you can use them if the weather is cold and rainy or snowing and designer shirts with special patterns and fabrics.

Always best quality for our customers

Always best quality

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Not only about what kind of fabrics we use. It is also the workmanship where we have the best quality. Even if You choose a bit the cheaper priced fabric, we still use a better quality of fabric. And the way the suit is made, You will always be happy with us.

How long it takes to do a suit?

How long it takes to do a suit?

In a normal process, it takes 3 to 4 days to do a suit for men. Here are the most important steps:

– 1st day: The customer comes and choose fabric and measure up.
– 2nd day: The first try for trousers and show the length of the jacket.
– 3rd day: Fit the suit if it is ready, customers is trying. If there is no alterations needed, the suit is finish and the customers takes the suit.

New Website - Better Customer Experiences

New Website is Online

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For better customer service, we changed our website and added new features: – Live Chat – our customers are able to chat with us directly – Added an appointment page, where customers are able to choose if they need a free pick up in the hotel/resort and when they like to visit us If You…