Slim Fit Suit - The Suit for You?

Slim Fit Suit – The suit for You?

Men Suits

Slim Fit suit’s are having a narrow cut, without much excess fabric.

The slim fit jacket, are tailored to a better fit your silhouette, with enough room for comfort. Traditionally they have a slightly higher lapel and a lower button. The jackets are usually a bit shorter in length, as the normal regular jackets. But of sure, they will fit Your body in relation as it needs to be.

The pants – typical are having a flat-front design. The legs are more narrow and the openings are smaller. Sure, You still need to be able to move – and it will sit with ease. They will sit comfortably around your waist.

Normally slim fit suits are able to buy in an entire suit. But if You want mix up colors and patterns, we are able to do so, that You buy items, e.g. pants separate. So it will allow You to mix and match various colors & patterns – for a wider wardrobe selection.

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