Different Lapel Types for Tuxedos

Different Lapel Types for Tuxedo

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There are so far 3 different types of lapel, when we are talking about tuxedos.

  1. Shawl Collars

A shawl Collar is a solid rounded piece of satin that wraps all the way around. Shawl Collars are considered somewhat more relaxed, but are arguably the most elegent of the 3 lapel types.

  1. Peak Lapels

Peak Lapels always point upward and are partitioned from the top collar. Of the thre lapel types, Peak Lapels are considered to be the most formal and most traditional.

  1. Notch Lapels

Notch Lapels always pint outward and are partitioned from the top collar. Because there are common in suits, Notch Lapels are considered the least formal of the 3 lapel types.

Ask us, if You need advice what lapel type will fit your needs. Do an appointment today, either with Whats App or on our online appointment form.

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