Colors for the suit of the groom

Colors for the suit of the groom

Men Suits

In one of our last blog we had described linen as the main fabric for the suit of the groom. In addition, you learn what colors are trendy. In the coming weeks, we will also take a closer look at the various substances in this information series.

Black tie and the tuxedo

The black tie has its place not only for cocktail parties or evening events – in the wedding world, it is very trendy. This fits a black tuxedo.

Tuxedo & Black Tie

Light jackets – Bright colors

If the mood on this important day is more relaxed and you “break away” from the traditional – then consider a light jacket for your groom. Light in the mind, bright colors, cream color, white, light blue etc.

Helle Farben - Jacken

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