Colors for the business suit

Colors for Business Suit

Men Suits

What colors for business suits are in trend?

Somehow a big question, but can get answered followed:

With a navy blue suit, You are not wrong to wear it. It is a kind of standard color in business. Followed by a Charcoal grey. Other options are different shades in grey, such as Cambridge grey or medium grey. Those are the most used colors for the business man.

Other colors could be the black color, but used less in business. A dark brown colored suit can work too, but would be not easy to fit in.

Colors like tan/kaki, true blue and white colored suits are not ideal to fit in, and in circumstances we not recommend it.

Once You are in our shop on Koh Samui, Bophut ask us about it, we will advise You what the actual trend in colors are.

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