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A custom made suit is a desire for everyone regardless of age and everyone looks for the best tailor in Koh Samui when you are visiting this beautiful island.

In our shop we strive to follow the latest trends and styles, without copying.

If you have a special request, for a special occasion, you can send us – if You found a style somewhere else – and we will check for You if we are able to fulfill it for You.

To be noted: Whenever there are new arrived fabrics or we need to order special fabrics, we aren’t able to do a special discounted price. But we are able to do a special discounted price, when there is a bigger order (let’s say for a group of people with the same style of suits).

A good time schedule is important – to keep in mind

Important points for us, to fulfill and do a custom suit in time, that we know the exact time You stay on Koh Samui, and when You need the suit. You love to get the suit finished in time, and we will do it so. For this, You need to tell us when you need it, we need to know about the color such as fabric too. This means good communication with our customers is important all the time.

If You are not able to visit us in Bophut, Koh Samui, we are able to come to Your accommodation (hotel or private villa).

There are more than one “meeting” needed, where we do the measurements, then some more meetings with the fitting and last alterations. Those meetings are needed to get you Your desired suit.

We keep measurements of your final finish

We do keep the measurements with us, in case You like to order again a same or similar style. But please be noted, that measurements can change, depending on the style of the suit. As an example, if we did once a tuxedo for You while You was on Koh Samui, and later You like to order a summer suit (with different linen fabric) – the measurement might be changed slightly due to the sewing pattern and style. An alteration is most of the times needed. In circumstances You might need to find a tailor in Your home country and let him do the needed alterations for you.

Different colors and fabrics available

We can offer you a large collection of exclusive fabrics from the world’s finest fabric producers. This includes cashmere fabrics, different wool fabrics, silk fabrics, linen and much more.

For each fabric we have, there are also different colors available. Colors are most of the time depending on the season, and what kind of fashion trends there are. Some fabrics and colors are all year around the same – only with a few slight changes – for example a tuxedo in black color last year – would be in a wine red color this year for Christmas Eve and New Years Party.

Ask us in advance as we love to advise You. Get in contact with us either by using WhatsApp (+66 84 638 2457) or email (info@ashtailorsamui.com).

We love to hear from us!

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